We all have old cell phones lying around the house.  It could be last year’s model or a phone you stuck in a junk drawer 5 years ago.

Most of us have no idea what to do with an old cell phone once we stop using it or it breaks.  We know not to throw it in the trash, the batteries and toxic metals have no place in a landfill.

So what do you do with an old cell phone you have no use for?  You can sell it or donate it.

Better yet, why not do both?  Get ride of your old cell phone, make some money and also help animals in need.

Cell4Pets.com can do that for you.  Cell4Pets is an online service that will let you sell your old cell phone for cash and donates a portion of the sale to help animals in need.

They are the only online phone buyback service that pays cash and also supports charitable organizations.  Most charitable organizations will take your phone but you will not receive cash for the phone.

The mission for Cell4Pets is to use the proceeds to help animals suffering in animal shelters.  They support no-kill animals shelters like The North Shore Animal League and similar organizations.  They will also donate to the charity of your choice if you are running a fundraiser, asking your community of supporters to bring in their old cell phones and devices is a great way to hold a profitable fundraiser using old cell phones.

Cell4Pets makes the process of selling your phone easy.  You get a free and instant online quote for your phone and they pay shipping costs so there is zero out of cost expenses on your side.  Payments are typically made in 3 days via Paypal.  I have sold 3 phones so far to Cell4Pets.com and the experience has been great.

Cell4Pets typically pays about 30% for your phone or device than the cellular companies will when trading in your phone for a new model.

So get the most money for your old cell phone while also supporting animals in need.  Check out Cell4Pets.com today to learn more.

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