Okay, no one is going outside. Ice and snow are all over town. Yes, winter doesn’t allow you to go out and have fun. Thus, you prefer to stay in the living room, sit the couch in front of the fireplace. Now, you can enjoy the cool winter evening comfortably.

But seeing the fireplace, realization hits you.

Fireplaces take a lot of effort and money even if you buy a house having a fireplace installed.  As you can observe, wood-burning fireplaces are drafty, messy and need high maintenance. (You can shell out a lot of wood and still lose money.)

So, you wouldn’t use a fireplace anymore?

Not quite. Let’s use an alternative to wood-burning fireplace – electric fireplaces.

Here in Canada where the winters are cold and long, having a fireplace is a must.  But if you are in a city setting or just don’t want to deal with burning wood or gas and the toxins that come with them, electric is the best option.  I buy electric fireplaces in Canada here and love the service and support.  I have a preference for Amantii fireplaces but there are other great brands as well.

With electric fireplaces, you would eliminate draft and lower your energy bill. An electric fireplace gives clean and efficient heat. (Don’t worry about the maintenance either!) Turn the fireplace on using a switch.

Do you still doubt the efficiency of the electric fireplace? Well, here are a few advantages of using electric fireplaces.

Simple and Easy installation

Do you live in a small home and apartment but want to experience the warmth of the fireplace? Don’t worry! An electric fireplace is a solution. You plug the electric fireplace and leave it. (Take note: you don’t need to crack a wall or remodel your home to install the device.)

Perfect for Supplemental Heating

Let’s face it that many people have problems with staying warm and increasing electricity bills during the winter. Say goodbye to those hassles once you have an electric fireplace at home. Electric fireplaces offer an efficient way to heat up a room. (But take note that heating process doesn’t increase your electricity bill.)

How is this possible? It’s simple. An electric fireplace uses less energy than the heating system of your home. Hence, expect a low energy bill during the winter season.

Lower Price and Installation

Did you know that some fireplaces cost thousands of dollars when you install it? Do you think you need to spend lots of money on installing a fireplace only? No would be your answer. Hence, why not buy and install an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are less costly compared to wood-burning fireplaces. (The cost of an electric fireplace and a wood-burning fireplace is small.) Hence, you’re sure the electric device fits your budget. Keep in mind the price of the device depends on the brand and style of the fireplace you want to buy.)

Also, a typical fireplace creates smoke and ash that are difficult to clean. Once the smoke travels up to the chimney, it leaves soot. Hence, homeowners need to clean their chimney often, so no soot or dirt is left on the chimney.

But it’s different when you’re using an electric fireplace. You don’t see and smell smoke. Plus, you wouldn’t have a tough time cleaning your chimney. You plug the electrical fireplace, and you’re set to enjoy the winter evening.

So, come and keep your winter evening’s cozy with an electric fireplace. Feel the warmth of having a fireplace in your home.

Remember: electric fireplaces offer comfort better than you imagined.

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