Most of us wish for more living space in our home.  Living in a metro area, land and space is very limited….and expensive.

The average lot size in Toronto can be measured, literally using a tape measure.  Lot widths can be as narrow as 20 feet and you’re lucky if you get a depth of more that 50-60 feet.

Also, most older homes in Toronto are very small.  So when people buy these old homes for a growing family, the first thing they think is to renovate the home.

Since lots are so small, adding an exterior extension is usually not an option.  Plus, the red tape in adding an extension in Toronto is mind-boggling.

Since most homes have basements, consider renovating your basement and turn it into functional living space for your family.  Yes, that old wet and cold room full of water bugs and spiders can be made into a beautiful living space for your family.

You can turn your basement into lots of things, a family room, an office, a kid’s playroom.  And the best part of it is that since it is an improvement on the home and not an addition, the red tape is minimal, if at all.

So how do you turn your basement into living space for your family?  The first thing to understand is that most basements are wet or at least damp.  The surrounding soil holds moisture from rain and groundwater and always finds ways to get into your basement.

So the first thing you need to do is call in a renovation contracting company in Toronto to come out and perform an inspection and give you an estimate on any repairs needed.  There are multiple ways to waterproof a basement and a quality waterproofing company will give you the best option for your situation.

Once you have the basement dry and waterproofed, the next thing is ceiling height.  Is the ceiling high enough to move around without having to hunch down.  ceilings should be at least 7 ft in height.  If you have a lower ceiling then you may need to do what is known as lowering your basement.  This is also called Underpinning.  This is when a contracting company removes the floor of your basement and digs down a few more feet and re=pours a basement floor, essentially making your basement taller so you now have a full-height basement.  Basement Lowering is a big protect and expensive, but still cheaper than adding an extension in most cases and a lot less red tape.

So consider turning your old and damp basement into living space for you family, you’ll be happy you made the choice!

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